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RPTR 140

RPTR 140 is a class associated with all Orientation Trip models EXCEPT Mountaineer Quest. If you are registered for a for-credit trip, add your RPTR 140 section to your Fall 2017 class schedule (you will receive an email with instructions for how to add the course).

Recreation, Parks, and Tourism Resources 140 (RPTR 140) is the academic class associated with your Orientation Trip. This class meets a General Education requirement. To get credit for RPTR 140, you must register for the class, attend fall classes, and complete fall assignments. You will register for RPTR 140 when you meet with your advisor during your June NSO session.

Prior to NSO, you will receive an email with instructions on how to register for RPTR 140. Please bring this email to NSO in June; you must register with your advisor for RPTR 140 at NSO in June.

You will receive an email from your RPTR 140 instructor during the first week of classes with information and instruction on the class.

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